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What I can do for you

As an experienced journalist, you can bet I will deliver clean, well-researched pieces with solid sources. I will also provide an annotated fact-checking draft to make your life easier. Tight turnaround? No problem, but an additional fee may apply depending on how tight we're talking.

Sometimes the words are there but the story doesn't feel cohesive. I can consult on layout, including the addition of multiple entry points like sidebars, tip bubbles, timelines, etc., in addition to writing snappy headlines and intros. Essentially, I'll really bring your editorial to life. This service applies to one-off stories, as well as larger projects.

To say I'm eagle-eyed is a serious understatement. I'll catch everything from typos and grammatical errors to word repetition and style inconsistencies. I also offer top-editing if that story, grant proposal or e-book isn't coming together as well as you'd like. (I offer this service as both telecommuting and in-person options, depending on your needs.)



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